Fire in Cape York, Queensland

Date Captured: 1/11/16

This false-colour Sentinel-2A image shows fire scars and active burning in open woodlands, north-east of Kowanyama on Cape York. The dark orange-brown areas are recent fire scars, while unburnt vegetation is shown in blue and light green. The dark blue sinuous features are river channels.


Technical details

This Sentinel-2A image was captured at 10:47am on 1 November 2016. It is displayed with spectral bands 12 (short wave infrared), 11 (short wave infrared), and 8a (near infrared). These bands are all outside the visible spectrum. Shortwave infrared bands are useful for showing relatively hot areas, including active fires and recently burned areas, while the near infrared band highlights differences in vegetation cover. The image was supplied by the European Space Agency and processed by the Queensland Government’s Remote Sensing Centre.