GroundTruth is inspired by the science of remote sensing: using data from satellites, airborne sensors and ground-based platforms to map and monitor vast landscapes and how they change over time. 

In a unique collaboration, documentary filmmaker and media artist Grania Kelly has teamed with Queensland Government remote-sensing scientists and visualisation experts at QUT Institute for Future Environments to bring this mapping to life in an inaugural Ground Truth exhibition, Fire, Flood and Human Endeavour.

This immersive new media work is in response to how natural and human forces have shaped and changed three distinct Queensland landscapes.

Birdsville and Diamantina River
Birdsville and Diamantina River
South-Western Cape York
South-Western Cape York
Greater Brisbane Region
Greater Brisbane Region

The Brisbane landscape sequence shows how our landscapes have been shaped by urban expansion. The Birdsville/Channel Country region represents landscape being shaped by flooding and Cape York represents landscape being shaped by fire.

These regions have experienced dramatic, sometimes rapid change in the past 30 years and the satellite imagery of this process has been time-lapsed and then linked to motions sensitive technologies and a creative soundscape to engross the audience in an intuitive, place-based interaction.

This new sensory experience allows audiences to orchestrate their own dynamic ‘ground truth’ experience, while encouraging scientific discovery at the same time.

 “QUT Institute of Future Environments studies how our natural, built and virtual environments interact, change and converge. This exhibition really highlights the landscape and technology changes through an immersive visual and aural screen experience.”

QUT IFE, Gavin Winter

“I asked the remote sensing scientists to dig deep into the Queensland Government archives of satellite imagery to choose a time-series of landscapes that have experienced rapid change or that have experienced dramatic cyclical change.”

Artist, Grania Kelly

Queensland Government

About the Artist – Grania Kelly


grania kelly

Grania Kelly is a producer, writer and director of factual media, engaging with new technologies to hone her skillset for storytelling across all media.

In 2011, Grania wrote, directed and co-produced a half-hour documentary Bringing Uncle Home, which aired on ABC1 and had its world premiere at the Reykjavik Film Festival in 2012.

With a background in print media and a Bachelor of Visual Arts (in film and video from the University of Sydney), Grania is driven by a passion for real-life storytelling.

The GroundTruth Exhibition – Fire, Flood and Human Endeavour has been a two year labour of love for Grania.

She has formed a rare collaboration with Queensland’s remote sensing scientists in Brisbane and visualisation experts at QUT’s Institute for Future Environments (IFE) to create an immersive, interactive exhibition.

To accompany the exhibition, Grania’s company, StarSapphire Productions has producted the, an online space dedicated to exploring and defining the ‘ground truth’ of the places we call home.

This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

“GroundTruth – Fire, Flood and Human Endeavour reflects a deeper story of place and change. The work presents the intertwining, ever-morphing and cyclical imprint that people and nature have on landscapes we call home.”

Grania Kelly, Artist